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Special Presentations

Special Presentations is comprised of films with a unique historical or contemporary context. These films are screened once and they all come with special guests that will share their personal insight with audiences.

Family Screenings

A special space for parents and children, grown-ups and kids, to come together and enjoy the magic of cinema, this program highlights the best of today’s most colorful films and provides a glimpse of family life elsewhere.

Iberoamerican Portal

Smart, inventive and entertaining, our selection of Ibero-American fiction and documentary films includes some of the most exciting new work from established and emerging filmmakers alike.

Stories from Central America and The Caribbean

Films from this narrow isthmus and neighboring islands are gaining ground and finding their own voice. IFF Panama is proud of its forum for showcasing these stories that resonate with us in such a personal way.

International Portal

From internationally renowned award-winning films to some of the most ambitious and provocative cinematic visions, this showcase brings together must-see new films from the world’s most celebrated talents.