Ladji, 20, works hard as a prantiké (bus driver) to get his older sister, Aminata, out of prostitution. But when he doesn’t get the promotion he was expecting he decides to contact Driss, a drug dealer who owes him a favour. Assisted by his two mischievous friends, Houphouet and Zol, Ladji begins trafficking cocaine from Conakry to Bamako. His rapid rise to the top of the drug dealing underworld gives him easy access to money, women and a life that he had never dreamt of. But the price he has to pay is high.


March 31 5:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 7
April 05 10:30 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
Director izq
Director der

Daouda Coulibaly

Born in Marseille, the French-Malian filmmaker Daouda Coulibaly questions the place of West Africa in relationship to the rest of the world. After exploring themes such as recent history or cultural identity in his short films A History of Independence (2009) and Tinyè So (2011), with Wùlu (2016), his first feature film, he is asking what were the origins of the crisis in Mali in 2012.