Julian finds love and something to live for in the last place imaginable: prison. Risking brutal punishment, Julian communicates with Yanelly from his prison yard to hers when he is hired by her ex-husband to act as a messenger. Through their own invented sign language they call "woodpecking", Julián and Yanelly fall silently and inevitably in love and decide to fight against all odds for their secret and forbidden romance.


April 05 8:00 pm
Sala Mastercard - Teatro Balboa
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José María Cabral

José María Cabral's debut feature, Jaque Mate (2012), was screened at a high number of film festivals and selected as the Dominican entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar award at the 85th Academy Awards. His follow up films were Arrobá (2013) and Despertar (2014). In 2015 he released Detective Willy, a comedy adventure film. His latest film, Woodpeckers (2017), premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.