Jacinta (6) guides us through the story of siblings Dylan (6), Andrea (11) and Lucas (2 1/2), who arrive in a fishing community on Mexico’s Pacific coast to set off with their new local friends on a journey of discovery, in search of a long lost treasure left back by Francis Drake. In sunny and lively images, Tesoros is the story of children confidently indulging their lust for life and curiosity. Armed with their intelligence, a tablet, and some maps, these children are given freedom to go their own ways, and together find something much more valuable than a buried treasure: transporting us to a place of optimism, beauty and wonder.


April 01 7:00 pm
Parque de la Cultura - Bethania
April 02 4:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
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María Novaro

María Novaro was amongst the first generation of female filmmakers to graduate from the Escuela Mexicana de Cine. She has made five feature films and fourteen short films. Within the Mexican film industry, she has been a cinematographer, sound mixer, director, screenwriter and editor. Novaro is one of the best known filmmakers to come out of the New Mexican Cinema.