Ariel, who has built a successful career in New York, happily thinks he has left his past behind. But when his distant father Usher, who runs a Jewish aid foundation in Buenos Aires, summons him back for help, Ariel's life in the big apple does not stand a chance. What ensues is a comedy of errors as this close-knit old Jewish neighborhood of friends, family and the odd enemy joyfully show us the extent to which we can ever really leave our past behind.


April 02 2:30 pm
Sala CopaAirlines Cinépolis Multiplaza - Sala 6
April 05 8:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 5
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Daniel Burman

Daniel Burman is a founding member of the Academy of Film and Audiovisual Arts in Argentina. He has directed eleven feature films including: Waiting for the Messiah (2000), Lost Embrace (2004), that earns him a Grand Jury Award and a Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, Family Law (2005), The Empty Nest (2008) and The Tenth Man (2015). In 2011, Burman won the prestigious Konex Award to one of the 5 best film directors in Argentina, and together with Marcelo Birmajer, he won another Konex award for Best Screenwriter of the decade.