Tamara is an almost forty-year-old woman suffering from mental disability left alone by her brother. Despite her new situation, she continues with her daily routine, even if her life is rapidly thrown into disarray. One day she finds a baby girl who seems to be all alone. Well-meaning but without any regard for the consequences, she decides to take her. Mrs. Meche, an old woman who lives alone in the same district discovers the baby in Tamara’s house and becomes rapidly involved. The film depicts the story of these two women who have become faded in their loneliness and who find in each other a space where, rather than being outcasts, they feel finally needed.


April 02 7:00 pm
Parque de las Madres - Pedregal
April 04 5:30 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 5
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Lucía Carreras

Lucía Carreras is a screenwriter and director. She studied Communication at ITESO and studied a masters degree in screenwriting. She co-wrote the screenplay for Leap Year (2011), directed by Michael Rowe, which won the Golden Camera prize for best feature debut at the Cannes Film Festival, and co-wrote La jaula de Oro (2013) by Diego Quemada Diez. Her films as director are Nos vemos papá (2011), The Greatest House in the World (2015) and Tamara and the Ladybug (2016).