18 year-old Gregory is caught between repressing his true creative nature and desires and surrendering to society’s dictates of what it means to be a man. An encounter with a successful businessman derails the plans set by his family and community. Play The Devil (2016) shatters conventions of sexuality, masculinity, morality and individuality through its unapologetic multi-layered explorations of power dynamics, religion and aspirations.


March 31 10:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 7
April 02 5:00 pm
Teatro Anita Villalaz
Director izq
Director der

María Govan

A self-taught filmmaker, María Govan began her journey at the age of eighteen working in production on big Hollywood sets. In 1999, she began making guerilla-style documentaries such as Junkanoo: The Heartbeat of a People (2000) and Where I’m From: HIV and AIDs in the Bahamas (2004). In 2004 she began writing her first narrative film Rain, which was shot in the Bahamas and premiered at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. Play the Devil (2016) is her latest feature.