Monday Nights at Seven is a multi-cultural love story that follows a single father, Lazo Saroby, as he sleepwalks through his life and struggles unsuccessfully to let go of his past. Then he meets Isabel, a young woman who is also facing the consequences of her own life choices. As feelings for Isabel complicate and expose the lie Lazo is living, he is forced to awaken to the fact that it is not his dreams but his illusions that are holding him back, and facing the hard truth might be the only thing that can set him free.


April 03 9:30 pm
Sala CopaAirlines Cinépolis Multiplaza - Sala 6
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Marty Sader

Marty Sader’s penchant for pushing boundaries in filmmaking began with his award-winning directorial debut feature, Most High, in which he puts himself through a startling bodyweight fluctuation of more than two hundred pounds. In his second film, Monday Nights at Seven director is to highlight and examine the subtle nuances of life.