“Jota” comes from the Arabic verb “Chotar”, that means to jump. But the Jota is much more than mere jumping, it’s a unique rhythm, cheerful and contagious that has been perfected over the years. Nowadays, many dance academies are devoted to teaching the Jota, but… how is it evolving? La Jota is a musical film that gathers the best existing material on this subject, leaving a visual document of artists of past and present; orthodoxy and heterodoxy; songs and rhythms already considered classics along with others that are still to come. It is a film that reflects the diverse range of the Jota.


March 30 8:00 pm
Sala Mastercard - Teatro Balboa
March 31 8:00 pm
Mirador del Pacifico - Cinta Costera II
Director izq
Director der

Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura is an internationally recognized filmmaker and writer. Some of the best known titles of his almost 40 films include Los golfos (1960), La caza (1966), Peppermint frappé (1967), La prima Angélica (1974), Cría cuervos (1976), Bodas de sangre (1981), Carmen (1983), El amor brujo (1986), El Dorado (1988), ¡Ay, Carmela! (1990), Pajarico (1997), Tango (1998), Goya en Burdeos (1999), Salomé (2002) and Iberia (2005).