An ode to sound, that mysterious phenomenom, invisible and intangible that gives pleasure, unites – and at times, irritates. How does the sea truly sound? What we hear is a vibration in the air, a vibration that no one can see. The sound is invisible, but it drives us, it makes us cry, makes us laugh, remember, dance, shakes our insides, moves us. Through characters, La felicidad del sonido proposes a sensatorial journey, a reflection on nature, living in a community, on loneliness, silence…


April 01 5:00 pm
Sala CopaAirlines Cinépolis Multiplaza - Sala 6
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Ana Endara Mislov

Ana Endara Mislov studied filmmaking at the International Film and Television School in Cuba. Her most recent documentary, The Joy of Sound (2016), won the production award at the 5th edition of DocTV Latinamerica y premiered in IDFA in the Competition for Mid-Length Documentary. She directed the documenatary film Curundú (2007), which played at several film festivals. Her second documentary, Reinas (2013), received the Grolsch Discovery Award at IFF Panama 2013.