Santiago, Chile. Jesús, 18, lives alone with his father Hector in a flat where the TV covers up their inability to communicate. The rest of the time, he dances in a K-pop band, hangs out with friends and does drugs, watches trashy clips and has sex in public places, looking for a thrill. One night he gets involved in an irreversible misadventure. This event will make Jesús and Hector closer than ever, but it will also tear them apart forever.


April 03 9:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 5
April 04 8:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
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Fernando Guzzoni

Fernando Guzzoni debuted with the documentary La Colorina (2008). His first fiction feature was Dog Flesh (2012), written during a residency at the Cannes Festival, selected for more than 30 festivals and winner of awards at San Sebastian, Gothenburg, Havana, Punta del Este and Toulouse. Jesús (2016) is his second feature film.