Diego, homosexual, cultured and marginalized, loves his country and its traditions. He meets David, a young university student, uncultured and a militant in the Young Communist party. A friendship is formed between the two that overcomes lack of understanding, prejudice and intolerance.


April 01 7:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 5
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Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Havana, 1928-1996) is one of the most renowned directors in Cuban filmography. Began as a documentalist and in 1962 directed his first fiction feature-length film, The Twelve Chairs (1962). Among his best known Works are A Cuban Fight Against Demons (1971), El camino de la mirra y el incienso (1978), Los sobrevivientes (1979), Hasta cierto punto (1983), Cartas del parque (1988) and Guantanamera (1995). Juan Carlos Tabío was born in Havana in 2943. Between 1963 and 1980 he created his first 30 documentaries, and in 1983 he directed his first feature length film, Se Permuta. He has taught screenwriting, film direction and dramaturgy in various countries and has received international and national awards.