The editor of The World, a newspaper from the City of Skyscrapers, needs to absolve himself of accusations of slander, for a piece where he affirms that Theodore Roosevelt could not seek re-election as the President of the United States for failing to honor an international treaty with Colombia and triggering the separation of Panama. Various detectives are sent to find proof of this treaty. One of those in the know is Patterson, Bertha’s boyfriend, the daughter of a simple employee at the Colombian Consulate in New York.


April 02 4:30 pm
Salón Ricardo J. Alfaro - MIRE - Casco Antiguo
April 03 7:00 pm
Ateneo - Ciudad del Saber
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P.P. Jambrina

“P.P. Jambrina” was the pseudonym used by Colombian politician, businessman and filmmaker, Alfonso Martínez Velasco. In 1923 he participated as a shareholder in the newly created Colombia Film Company, the first film production company founded in Cali. A few years later he formed the Cali Film Company, where he directed The Dawn of Justice. The film criticized the United States and suffered from persecution by the US government, which was why Alfonso Martínez used a pseudonym. In 1930 he was elected as the mayor of Cali.