In the sunlight, crisp grasslands are about to be buried by mines. Facing the dust from rumbling mining machines, herders dwelling nearby have no choice but to keep their distance. Meanwhile, at the coal mountain, a ghostly crowd hastens to sort coal from rock. In a hospital, for veteran miners who have inhaled coal dust for years, each day drags on forever even as death is already in sight. They seem to exist in a living purgatory, but no paradise awaits them on the other side…. Through these successive labors, we have destroyed a genuine paradise, while the material we create is carried off to construct a useless, fruitless counterfeit paradise.


April 03 3:15 pm
Sala CopaAirlines Cinépolis Multiplaza - Sala 6
April 04 10:00 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
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Zhao Liang

Zhao Liang was born in Northeastern China and graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. He has been working as an independent documentary filmmaker as well as a multimedia artist in photography and video art. With his unique vision and acute reflections on social issues and conditions, Zhao is at the frontier of documentary filmmaking in China today. His filmography includes: Crime and Punishment (2007), Petition (2009), Together (2010) and Behemoth (2015).