Anna is a young Colombian woman living in Paris, struggling daily with her emotional frailty. She tries to spend more time with her ten-year-old son, Nathan, but Philippe, her ex-husband, doesn't trust her anymore and threatens to take full custody of the child. Having no other choice, she convinces her boyfriend Bruno to help her, and the three of them travel to Colombia. During this journey, Anna tries to build a new family, and will face the challenges of being a mother.


April 01 3:30 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
April 05 6:15 pm
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
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Jacques Toulemonde

Jacques Toulemonde was born to a French-Colombian family in Bogota. He has worked as first assistant director in several feature films such as The Stoplight Society (2010) by Rubén Mendoza, El Paseo (2010) by Harold Trompetero and Dago García, The Wind Journeys (2011) by Ciro Guerra and Roa (2013) by Andi Baiz, among others.