Anida is a young artist who lives in a millenary floating circus that navigates different harbors. Her best friend is Vicente, a toad. Anida has a special power, she can read the future in people’s hands. But she’s also under a spell that doesn’t allow her to see her past. The circus is governed by Madame Justine, who doesn't allow any of the passengers to leave. An impossible love, and a dream of freedom, power and adventure, will help Anida find her path and discover a secret that tells a magical story.


April 01 11:30 am
Cinépolis Multiplaza Sala 8
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Liliana Romero

Liliana Romero holds a BFA from Universidad de La Plata and is the Artistic Director of Toma Virtual. Her short film Tanto te gusta ese hombre (1996), co directed with Vicky Biagiola, premiered in Annecy and was awarded in La Habana. Her filmography also includes The Dream of Ramona Montiel (2003), The Color of the Senses (2005), Martín Fierro: the Film (2007) and Jungle Stories (2009), all co directed with Norman Ruiz. Anida and a Floating Circus (2016) is her latest feature film.