A total of 40 brand-new films will premiere at IFF Panama


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Exquisite film productions from Puerto Rico, the United States, Costa Rica, and Panama have chosen the fifth-edition International Film Festival of Panama platform for their World Premiere screenings from April 7th to 13th

Po, directed by John Asher, will be a World Premiere

Nine films are scheduled for their World Premiere at IFF Panama, including five Panamanian highlights. Among the World Premiere selection are two medium-length films forming part of Portraits, whose directors (Abner Benaim, Zachrisson; and Patricio Castilla, Street Name: Pirate, will be present at the screenings.
  • Drifting Away, dir. Miguel I. González, Panama, 70’, 2015
  • The Route, dir. Pituka Ortega-Heilbron, Panama, 62’, 2016
  • Salsipuedes, dir. Ricardo Aguilar N. and Manolito Rodríguez, Panama, 94’, 2015
  • Before the Rooster Crows, dir. Ari Maniel Cruz, 138’, Puerto Rico, 2016 
  • Tamarindo, dir. Hernán Jiménez, 88’, Costa Rica/USA, 2016
  • Time to Love. A Backstage Tale, dir. Guido Bilbao, Panama, 69’, 2016
  • Portraits: Zachrisson, dir. Abner Benaim, Panama, 27’
  • Portraits: Pseudónimo Pirata, dir. Patricio Castilla, USA, 20’
  • Po, dir. John Asher, USA, 95’, 2016

Polish documentary Call Me Marianna will screen its International Premiere

Two documentaries and a feature film will screen for the first time internationally at IFF Panama 2016. The Chilean film No Filter will also screen free, open-air, at the Mirador del Pacifico.

  • Boca Juniors, dir. Rodrigo H. Vila, 108’, Argentina, 2016
  • Call Me Marianna, dir. Karolina Bielawska, Poland, 75’, 2015
  • No Filter, dir. Nicolás López, Chile, 100’, 2016

Dheepan, winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2015

IFF Panama audiences will enjoy no fewer than eleven Latin American Premieres between April 7th and 13th, including the Oscar-nominated Son of Saul. Many special guests involved in these productions will be in attendance, including directors Kabir Kahn (Brother Bajrangi) and Brian D. Johnson (Al Purdy Was Here).

  • Al Purdy Was Here, dir. Brian D. Johnson, Canada, 92’, 2015
  • Baba Joon, dir. Yuval Deshal, Israel, 91’, 2015
  • Dheepan, dir. Jacques Audiard, France, 114’, 2015 
  • Retribution, dir. Dani de la Torre, Spain/France, 102’, 2015
  • Brother Bajrangi, dir. Kabir Kahn, India, 159’, 2015
  • The Violin Teacher, dir. Sergio Machado, Brazil, 100’, 2015
  • Son of Saul, dir. László Nemes, Hungary, 107’, 2015
  • As I Open My Eyes, dir. Leyla Bouzid, France/Tunisia, 102’, 2015
  • My Mother, dir. Nanni Moretti, Italy/France, 107’, 2015
  • SPL2- A Time for Consequences, dir. Soi Cheang, Hong Kong, 120’, 2015
  • One Floor Below, dir. Radu Muntean, Romania/France/Germany/Sweden, 93’, 2015

El Club, by Pablo Larraín

An impressive number of films – seventeen - will screen for the first time in Central America under the banner of the International Film Festival of Panama, including productions from Colombia, Mexico, Belgium, Jordan, and Spain.

  • Alias María, dir. José Luis Rugeles, Colombia, 91’, 2015
  • Spy Time, dir. Javier Ruiz Caldera, Spain, 87’, 2015
  • Much Ado About Nothing, dir. Alejandro Fernández Almendras, 94’, Chile, 2016
  • Strange Days, dir. Juan Sebastián Quebrada, Argentina/Colombia, 70’, 2015
  • Desierto, dir. Jonás Cuarón, Mexico/USA
  • The Club, dir. Pablo Larraín, Chile, 98’, 2015
  • He Named Me Malala, dir. Davis Guggenheim, USA, 87’, 2015
  • The Brand New Testament, dir. Jaco Van Dormael, Belgium/France/Luxembourg, 2015 
  • Heart of a Dog, dir. Laurie Anderson, USA, 75’, 2015
  • Daughter of the Lake, dir. Ernesto Cabellos Damián, Peru/Bolivia/Holland, 88’, 2015
  • Future June, dir. Maria Augusta Ramos, Brazil, 100’, 2015
  • Bleak Street, dir. Arturo Ripstein, Mexico, 99’, 2015
  • My Big Night, dir. Álex de la Iglesia, Spain, 100’, 2015
  • Paco de Lucía: A Journey, dir. Francisco Sánchez Varela, 95’, Spain, 2014
  • Semana Santa, dir. Alejandra Marquez, Mexico, 85’, 2015
  • Theeb, dir. Naji Abu Nowar, Jordan / UAE / Qatar, 100’, 2014
  • Viva, dir.Paddy Breathnach, Ireland/Cuba, 100’, 2015

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